They sure seem like friendly, professional folks dedicated to helping fulfill the needs of the community and helping the unfortunate ones here in my home town and around the world. 

I wonder if Rotary is for me and will I fit in?

Ever thought of or heard about an eClub?


Rotary e-clubs are clubs that meet online. For many members, this new way of experiencing Rotary offers the benefits of a Rotary club, with added flexibility.

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This Ain't Your Father's Rotary

We're reorganizing ourselves with more emphasis towards New Generations and the energy and enthusiasm that is inherent in your lifestyle that conforms to the Object of Rotary!

A few Programs and applicable (age groups):

Interact; Middle & High School Clubs

Rotaract is popular on College Campus'

Rotary is Universal

The old adage that "There's No such Thing as a Free Lunch" is only partially true.

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We do ask that you complete the Contact Form and present the coupon at a Rotary meeting. 

Visitors Welcome!


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